Where is AJ2022?    

  • Scouts Victoria are hosting AJ2022. The event will be held at the Elmore Field Days site in Campaspe Shire in northern Victoria. It is situated approximately 2 ½ hours from Melbourne near Bendigo in central Victoria.
  • You can also visit the AJ2022 website here: www.aj2022.com.au.


When is AJ2022?  

    • AJ2022 will run from Sunday 2nd January until Friday 14th January 2022.
    • The AJ2022 Opening Ceremony will be held on 3 January 2022, and the Closing Ceremony on 13 January 2022. ‘Celebration Sunday” (Visitor’s Day) is on 9th January 2022.
    • The Victorian Contingent will depart on coaches on Sunday 2nd January and move in to their Jamboree Troop sites the same day.
    • The Victorian Contingent will depart the Jamboree site early on Friday 14th January and arrive at the ‘drop-off points’ that day, tired but happy.   

 How will I get to AJ2022?   

    • Victorian Contingent will be travelling by coach to and from AJ2022 from all parts of Victoria. We will be travelling during the day to the Jamboree site and when you arrive, a member of the Viccon team will be there to greet you and show you to your campsite.
    • There is NO independent travel to and from AJ2022 for Victorian youth. Jamboree Scout Leaders are to travel with their Jamboree Unit as their responsibility extends from pick-up to drop-off. 

How much does it cost? 

    • Scout: Early Bird fee $1,520 or $1,620 for applications after May 7 2021
    • Leader, Venturer, Rover, other adult: $785. Optional merchandise kit for adults including Roller Bag & Day Pack is available for an additional $95
    • *Payment schedule is for 10 equal instalments commencing February 15 2021

How do I apply for AJ2022? 

    • Applications will open between September and December 2020. The current uncertainty caused by coronavirus means we are unsure when face-to-face Scouting will resume and, as a result, when applications will formally open.
    • In preparation for when applications open, you’ll need your personal details, medical information, dietary requirements, emergency contact details and a passport style digital photo. All sections of the online application must be filled in, and the online application submitted
    • The eligibility criteria for attending AJ2022 can be found on the Viccon webpage here.  

Helpful hints for your application:  

    • Photos must be clear, straight on and identify the person
    • Ensure that your email address is up to date as this will be used to contact you
    • Medical details – including medication – need to be up to date. You can change and update these in the AJ2022 application portal in the lead-up to AJ2022
    • Dietary Requirements will be taken directly from the information you provide so be clear if you require a special diet
    • Jamboree shirts and Contingent shirts will use the t-shirt size listed in your application – remember, you might grow a bit between when you put in your application and January 2022!


What is a Jamboree Unit? 

A Jamboree Unit is the formation of about 36 Scouts in six patrols, supported by four Jamboree Line Leaders, that camp together, eat together, and manage welfare and activities together. (We used to call this a Troop) 

But wait! There’s more!!   

A Jamboree Patrol is a small group of about six Scouts within the Jamboree Unit.
A Jamboree Unit Leader is a Scout (youth member) who has a leadership role in the Jamboree Unit.
A Jamboree Patrol Leader also has a leadership role in the Unit, with the specific leadership responsibility of their Patrol
A Jamboree Scout Leader is the leader in charge of a Unit’s adult leader support team.
A Jamboree Line Leader is a member of the Unit’s adult leader support team. Sometimes also known as an Assistant Jamboree Scout Leader.  

A Jamboree Activity Leader or Jamboree Service Leader is a leader, Rover Scout, Venturer Scout or other adult member attending the Jamboree but not normally attached to a Unit. A Venturer Scout may also be known as a Jamboree Junior Service Leader. 


I am a Venturer Scout, how do I apply for AJ2022? 

    • Venturer Scouts can apply for AJ2022 as Junior Service Leaders. 
    • See if you meet the Eligibility Criteria 


Can family visit during AJ2022? 

    • Celebration (Visitors) Day will be January 9th 
    • Visitors are not permitted on other days  

I’m too old to come as a Scout, can I come anyway?  

I had a great time at AJ2019 as a Scout and would like to attend AJ2022 but will be a month over the advertised age range – can I still apply?

    • No. The Contingent Council have ruled that over age Scouts will not be accepted as ‘Scouts’ at AJ2022.
    • But, if you’ve been a Venturer Scout for at least six months as of 03/01/2022, you can come as a Venturer Scout.  Perhaps it’s time to plan your linking to Venturer Scouts. 


Can participants with disability, medical or additional needs attend the Jamboree?
Can young people requiring a carer participate?
Disability inclusion, including carer support for AJ2022
Yes, in both cases. Scouts Victoria values inclusivity. The Victorian Contingent Council’s aim is to offer the opportunity to all eligible youth members of Scouts Victoria the chance to attend and participate in the excitement of AJ2022. The Victorian Contingent has in place a procedure to facilitate a request of disability, medical or additional needs as well as carer support for participants attending AJ2022.
As Viccon develops participation plans and participants identify carer needs, costs will be identified and parents/guardians & participants need to understand that while Viccon will endeavour to support as much as possible, these must be met at their own cost. Scouts Victoria may be able to assist in exploring opportunities to seek financial support from EML or other funds as well as external resources. Details on Scouts Victoria funding can be downloaded here.
A request for support must be submitted at the same time as the online participant application including the following information.
  • A letter from the parent/guardian/carer explaining the member’s situation and additional needs.
  • A supporting letter from a relevant health care professional.
  • A management plan showing pre-, during- and post-Jamboree support to be provided for the participant
  • The name and contact number of their regular carer or another adult who is prepared to register and pay the AJ2022 fee and perform the specific role as a full-time carer for the youth member. Carers must comply with Viccon eligibility requirements for “Other Adult Supporters”, please refer to https://www.aj2022.com.au/eligibility and to your GL or LIC for further information.
These documents are to be uploaded to the members online Jamboree Application (at the bottom of the Medical form). If you are having difficulty uploading then please forward by mail to:
Confidential: Att: Director, Health & Wellbeing
Victorian Contingent – AJ2022
Scouts Australia – Victorian Branch
152 Forster Road,
Mount Waverley, 3149
Or email them to:

All correspondence will be treated as strictly confidential. 

Still more questions??

Never fear, help is here!

You can download this wonderful FAQ

And if you still have burning questions left unanswered, contact us on viccon@scoutsvictoria.com.au and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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