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Prospective Jamboree Scout Leader Zoomerific: 15 November 2020


Are you wondering what is involved in being a Jamboree Scout Leader for AJ2022?  
If so, join us on Zoom and find out what it is all about.
This will be a full day event with a variety of sessions available. We are still finalising plans and will publish the session options, times and links when known. 

Registrations here: https://www.vicscouts.asn.au/scoutEvents/default.php?ID=SCE01088

Do you have a burning question you’d like answered?  Send us an email at viccon@scoutsvictoria.com.au 


 Prospective Jamboree Scout Leader In Person

 This will be happening in February or March 2021. 

The Contingent Council is arranging a special program to help prospective Jamboree Scout Leaders to prepare for the 26th Australian Jamboree. The day will be an   opportunity for you to personally meet with all of the Contingent Council members and will include discussions, displays, some activities and importantly, interchange of ideas. The majority of the day will be facilitated by experienced JTLs.

More information on this day will come early in 2021


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