Cohen Shield

Cohen Shield 2020

Cohen shield is still running this year with a more local flavour. It has been fantastic to hear how so many District Mindari’s are already well advanced in their planning with their Units to organise local events that can run within their district once things reopen with short notice. The Scout Commissioner Regions have the Cohen program and will work to distribute it to the District Leaders Scouts (DL-S) to ensure all scouts can complete the same activities anytime this year or first quarter next year.

Now that we are opening up regionally and getting close to being able to open up in Melbourne, it is time to update your plans to run Cohen to fit within that plan and the advice from Scouts Victoria regarding the likely reopening of scouting.

If you have not already, we would encourage Units to talk to their DL-S to come up with a plan that is fun and uniquely local to their area. It might be the activities are run between a few scouts halls and scouts navigate between the halls by hiking or it might be at the local park. Just keep it small so that it can be run with minimal numbers and ensure it will fit within the guidelines.

Once the activity is completed please email photos to and ensure your Unit orders the Cohen badges from our online shop

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