Explore It 2024

Ja Explore It is being organised by the State Scout Council and is a replacement for an event that previously ran called BayJam. It is running 12 months before AJ2025 and will provide 6 nights of camping for those that attend. 

Explore It will run from the 7th-13th January 2024 at Mafeking Rover Park.

Scouts from across the state will be invited to come and explore (activities are preliminary and still being worked through) 


  • Explore Camping – camp in Jamboree style units formed from within districts/regions (36 youth, 6 patrols, same as Jamboree) 
  • Explore Abseiling 
  • Explore Crate Stacking 
  • Explore Stem – Radio and more 
  • Explore Motor – hot laps for those over 12, some basic car skills and four-wheel driving for those under 12 
  • Explore Pioneering, Archery, Axe throwing, Mini Golf 
  • Explore Water activities both onsite and offsite at an offsite water park 
  • Explore another offsite, looking at a local town 
  • Explore Entertainment, Explore Idol, DJ and more 
  • Explore Carnival, on the middle day carnival rides, put on activities (similar to Jamboree market day) 

 The camp will provide bus transport for Scouts and leaders attending. Units will be self-catering with ice, bread and milk supplied onsite only. 

  • Saturday 6th January 2024 – Drop off day, Units can drive onsite and drop gear to the site. Leaders who are dropping off gear can stay onsite that night if they choose and park their car in the car park. 
  • Sunday 7th January 2024 – Scouts arrive 
  • Monday 8th & Tuesday 9th – Activities 
  • Wednesday 10th – Carnival Day 
  • Thursday 11th & Friday 12th – Activities 
  • Saturday 13th – pack up in the morning, buses leave early afternoon
  • Sunday 14th – leaders staying to drive gear home can bring cars onsite and collect gear and leave 

Cost: We are expecting the cost to be around $400-500 for Scouts.  

Leaders will have a choice of camping with their home unit and being catered for with their unit or if a service leader, being catered by the event. There will be two costs depending on catered or not of around $200-250.   

Now that we have a site we are working on our budget and finalising activities to then open applications in the middle of the year.