Scout Commissioners Challenge

In the new Youth Program, Milestones are big acheivements you earn just by being active in Scouting!

You reach Milestones by participating in, assisting with, and leading Scouting activities. The Scout Commissioners have set your Patrol a big goal for 2020- get used to the idea of recording your Participates, Assists and Leads (PALs). Over a Term, use a special poster we’ve designed to record the PALs acheived by your Patrol. At the end of the term, have your Patrol pose for a photo next to the poster and send the pic to Or tag @statescoutcouncilvictoria on Instagram! We’re on the lookout for the most creative photos to highlight in the Australian Scout Magazine!

You can download the poster here. We’ll also be getting printed versions to halls via the Scout Commissioner in your Region.

If you’d like to know more about the new program, have a look at the Our Program page at the Scouts Victoria website where there is a growing library of resources and information.

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