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What is a Wat-Pu-Tjarra?


It is with great respect that the State Scout Council would like to announce that there is a new name for Youth Forums “wat-pu-tjarra”.
We are grateful to the Dja Dja Wurrung community, located in the Bendigo area, for gifting Scouts Victoria with the word “wat-pu-tjarra”, which means join together/meet together in the Dja Dja language. When using the word, it should be acknowledged that the word is specific to the people of Dja Dja Wurrung and won’t always be of the local language.

State Wat-Pu-Tjarra 2020

The State Wat-Pu-Tjarra is  normally conducted every year in August and draws on scouts from around the state to come together to discuss issues affecting the scout section at a local through to state level. The Scouts often also put up ideas for new badges, events and policies. Some of these things over the years have been things like where the scout craft badge and cords should be worn, an easier way to find camp sites, the miniature badges over the scouts left hand pockets and the state wide camp BayJam which over 600 Scouts and Leaders attended in January 2015, and over 1200 Scouts and Leaders attended in January 2018. 


In 2020 as with everything else Covid-19 has effected how we would normally run our event. In 2020 we are running the Wat-Pu-Tjarra as an online event in November. 

It will run over two days. The evening of Friday 13th November and during the day on Sunday 15th November, it will be held on Zoom. To attend you will need to be over the age of 12.5 as of the 13th November 2020. Each year we have a wide range of Scouts from all over the State attending.

Each year at the Wat-Pu-Tjarra the attendees have the opportunity to run for one of four State Scout Council Youth Member roles. The four Youth Members are elected by their peers during the Wat-Pu-Tjarra. The Youth Members on the State Scout Council provide valuable insight and ideas for the growth of Scouting in Victoria. To find out more about the role and what opportunities it provides please head here for more information: State Scout Council Youth Members 

Thank you to all those who expressed interest in attending the State Wat-Pu-Tjarra in 2020, Applications have now closed, we will be in contact with those who have applied shortly.

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