Australian Scout Award

The Australian Scout Award is the highest award in the Scout Section. It is considered the pinnacle of Scouting at this stage. To earn the Australian Scout Award a Scout must:

  • Complete Milestone 3 in the Program Essentials;
  • Reach at least Stage 5 in the three core areas of the Outdoor Adventure Skills 
  • Complete 10 Stage progressions in the Outdoor Adventure Skills within the Scout section 
  • Complete 6 Special Interest Area badges in at least 3 different areas
  • Complete a Personal Development or Unit Management Course
  • Plan> and lead an Adventurous Journey of at least 3 days, 2 nights
  • Reflect on their journey through the section and the award

Any Scout still completing their Australian Scout Award under the old award scheme, must have completed all tasks and sent through the completed form to the State Office by 31st December 2021. Applications after this date must be submitted with an approved extension as per the ASA extension policy (see below). After this date only Australian Scout Awards completed using the Achievement Pathways will be accepted.

If you’re a Scout looking to achieve your Australian Scout Award and run in to issues due to Covid-19, we have made special provisions for you. 



The Victorian Scout Council runs two ceremonies a year to present scouts who have achieved their Australian Scout Award with their medallion. The ceremonies are scheduled in 2022 for May 28th and November 26th.

Scouts who lodge their application form with the state office will automatically be invited to the next ceremony. We will contact recipients approximately 4 weeks prior to the ceremony with details of where the ceremony is being held and the venue. Questions about ceremonies should be sent to 

Badge/Application Form

The Australian Scout Award Badge is not obtainable from the Scout Shop Online. Once the Unit Council has approved the awarding of the Australian Scout Award the Application Form needs to be submitted to the State Office to have the award sent out.

ASA Application Form

Old ASA Application Form – for award scheme method, only valid until 31st March 2022.

Resources and Guides

What ASA is all About -PDF

The Adventurous Journey guide here on Explorer 

Extension Policy

The Australian Scout Award is to be completed by a Scout before their 15th Birthday. On occasion due to circumstances beyond their control, this may not occur and the troop council may grant a short extension to enable the award to be completed.

ASA Extension Policy

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