Australian Scout Medallion

The Australian Scout Medallion is the highest award in the Scout Section. It is considered the pinnacle of Scouting at this stage. To earn the Australian Scout Award a Scout must:

  • Participate in a Scout Leadership Course at any time after completion of the Pioneer Badge;
  • Demonstrate an active leadership role in Scouting;
  • Achieve the Adventurer Cord

If you’re a Scout looking to achieve your Australian Scout Medallion in 2020, we have made special provisions for you. 

State ASM Presentation Ceremonies are held in May and November each year. 

The next presentation is planned to occur on Saturday May 8th 2021 at CRC Sydenham. Two ceremonies are running, one starting at 9am and the other at 1pm. These ceremonies are full due to no ceremonies being run in 2020.

There is an additional ceremony scheduled for Saturday July 24th 2021 at CRC Sydenham. Based on current density restrictions this ceremony is full however we hope restrictions will lighten up and we will be able to either run with bigger numbers otherwise we will see about running a ceremony in the afternoon. Please ensure your application is in by July 24th so we can let you know if the afternoon ceremony will run.

The presentation after that is on Saturday November 27th 2021 at CRC Sydenham – Applications close 27th October 2021.

Badge/Application Form

The Australian Scout Medallion Badge and the Adventurer Cord are not obtainable from the Scout Shop Online. Once the Troop Council has approved the awarding of the Australian Scout Award the Application Form needs to be submitted to the State Office to have the award sent out.

ASM Application Form

Resources and Guides

What ASM is all About -PDF

The Adventurous Journey guide here on Explorer 

Extension Policy

The Australian Scout Medallion is to be completed by a Scout before their 15th Birthday. On occasion due to circumstances beyond their control, this may not occur and the troop council may grant a short extension to enable the award to be completed.

ASM Extension Policy

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