Troop Council “Where”

Troop Council doesn’t always have to be in the hall, on a certain night of the week, or anything like that.

As long as you get through the things you need to cover, you can have one pretty much anywhere. It’s good to mix things up a bit and helps keep everyone interested, while you get the work done.

Some Suggestions Are:

In the car on the way to camp or an activity

Over dinner at a fast food restaurant

The traditional meeting around a table in the Scout Hall meeting room


In the Scout Hall before a Troop night (including pizza of course)

During a weekend camp – could be a Troop camp while the rest of the Scouts are doing another activity, or a TC-only camp (might include APLs too)

By a swimming pool

On a day activity where Adventurer-level skills are learnt and practised


At your Leader’s or a PL’s house, followed by games, movies and snacks (also known as a ‘wakeover’…)

One evening before packing the trailer for camp

Under/on a trampoline or playground

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