Troop Council “Stuff”

Get your Troop Council really happening!

First up, you need to finalise your agenda – see the TC ‘HOW TO’ page and the sample agenda docs. Then work out your location – see the TC ‘WHERE’ page for ideas.


Because one of your roles on the TC is to represent your Patrol members, it’s a good idea to catch up with them before TC and collect their ideas and information. Some Troops have regular Patrol time or a ‘Patrol Council’, but if not, make sure this catch up time is written into the program on the Troop night, camp or activity prior to TC. You’ll probably only need about 10 minutes before a standard TC, but need to allow longer before your major program planning Councils.

Some of the things to cover with your Patrol and bring along to TC include:

  • Patrol Activity ideas / information / reports for approval
  • Hike logs for approval
  • Ideas for:
    • Troop nights
    • Camps
    • Troop fundraising
    • Community work
    • Other Target badges, such as Construction, Water Activities, etc
    • Proficiency badges (individual, Patrol and Troop)
  • Information about where your Patrol members are up to in their badgework. For example, if you have a newer Scout and would like to have a game or activity to help them finish off some of their Scoutcraft badgework, or if two of your Explorers need to do their Journey, etc.

You’ll also want to make some notes about any problems or challenges you’re experiencing with Patrol members and want to discuss, including any behavioural issues. You can all work together to figure out solutions and help the Troop run better.



The SL and PLs can work together to organise the following ready for TC:

  • the Info Book – available in hard copy and on MyScout, so extra copies of the calendar and other info can be printed off
  • Region & District event info, including a range of location options for events like Straddie and Cohen
  • upcoming Leadership Course dates and info
  • info about Patrol Activity camps at Gilwell & Clifford Parks and Treetops (Info Book & MyScout)
  • Adventurous Activity options and ideas (Info Book & MyScout)
  • list of different campsites, including info about facilities, contacts etc (Info Book & MyScout)
  • program ideas from other Troops (Mindari – where the Scout Leaders in the District get together & Australian Scout Mag)
  • hike location ideas (Mindari, Australian Scout Mag, hiking books and magazines)
  • (SL) info from Group Council about Group activities, Cubs ready to start linking, cross section activities etc
  • year, term and Troop night blank programs (see links to the right) and copies of any upcoming programs already filled in.


Giving feedback to your Patrol after Troop Council about their ideas etc that have been included in the program, will show them you really are getting their ideas heard, plus help with their training for when they might be on TC in the future.
Patrol time is also a great opportunity to just hang out as a Patrol, sign off badgework, remind people about things coming up and notices due back etc.





Blank Troop Night Program




Blank Term Program




Blank Annual Program

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