The Fantastic Race

The Fantastic Race

 The Fantastic Race is a Wide Game for Patrols based around surburban streets and public transport.  There are several Fantastic Races run each year around World Scout Day, 1st August, the anniversary of the beginning of Scouting, BP’s experimental camp at Brownsea Island in 1907.

This year we are running things a little different due to lockdown, Virtual Fantastic Race 2020 – Around the world in a day and still be home for dinner.

Join with your Patrol or with scouts from around the state in a virtual adventure like no other. Travel from the dizzy heights of Singapore to a remarkable park in Barcelona and to the top of the Eiffel tower in Paris. These are just some of the places you will explore. Eight Countries across 4 continents with places to see and things to find.

You will travel virtually by planes, fast trains and boats, navigating through airports, large cities and medieval villages, but are you game to walk the wall?

This race can be conducted as a time trial, weekly challenge or weekend virtual adventure. You can also undertake the race by email to individuals but screen sharing in the patrol will make it more fun. 
You will need your Patrol connected by audio chat (and video would be even better), a simple program such as Snippet or similar screen capture program to take a screen shot to prove you found the item described in the clue, an internet connection, Google Maps and street view.

For those scouts who wish, you can also register individually and we will connect you with a patrol made up from all over the state!

This race can bring together multiple elements of our program covering at least 2 challenge areas of Community and Personal Growth, allowing the patrol to pick a challenge area as part of participation. It also includes Participate, Assist and Leads, as your Patrol works together, discovering places around the world and having fun.

The event is designed to run over 4 weeks with patrols completing a part of the race each week.

23/08/2020 – Registrations Open
06/09/2020 – Race begins with the first set of activities sent out – sent out
13/09/2020 – Second set of activities sent out
20/09/2020 – Third set of activities sent out
27/09/2020 – Last set of activities are sent out

We have had some reports that some people did not receive the emails for the race, please re-register than email to confirm it has come through.

To register, complete the form below: 

Fantastic Race Results

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Fantastic Race 2020 Scoreboard

Group/Troop/Unit Patrol Name Stage Running Score
1st Whittelsea scorpions End week 4 51
1st Wodonga Scout Unit Wangdongas End week 4 51
1st Mooroolbark Berserkers End week 4 50
1st Tyabb Tyabb Turtles End week 4 50
1st Wheelers Hill Scout Group Chicken Nuggets End week 4 50
2nd Werribee Peanut Turtles End week 4 50
Eltham Echidna Ranger Guides The Girl Guides That Snuck in End week 4 48
1st Diamond Creek Scout Group The domino diamos End week 4 46
1st Canterbury Becca patrol End week 4 45
1st Reservoir Rad Rezza End week 4 45
1st Canterbury Lara patrol End week 4 44
Sale Scout Group Wedges End week 4 42
1st Belmont Unnamed End week 4 41
1st Canterbury the 1st Canterbury Octet’s End week 4 41
1st Glen Iris Emily, Angus, Alex, Kieran, Thomas End week 4 41
Baden Powell Park Explorers End week 3 40
1st Mooroolbark The 4 Minions End week 4 39
1st Whittelsea Penguins End week 3 39
Port Melbourne Scout Unit Port Pirates End week 4 39
Ashburton Falcons End week 4 38
1st Oak Park Owls End week 4 37
1st Whelers hill the happy little clueless people End week 4 36
1st Croydon Hills Scout Troop Yeet End week 4 34
Heany Park Scout Group The Rebels End week 3 33
Dingley Scout Group Dingley Scouts End week 4 30
Hazelglen Race Patrol End week 3 30
1st Seymour Emu End week 2 27
1st Stratford Scout Troop 1st Stratford Scouts – Online Patrol End week 2 26
Baulkamaugh Platypus End week 2 25
1st Wallan Wallan Scout Troop Panthers End week 2 23
1st Croydon Hills Scout Troop MT heads End week 4 22
1st Bentleigh Young Warriors End week 2 20
1st Lower Plenty Tortoises End week 2 17
1st Hurstbridge Scout Unit Hurricanes End week 1 13

Last update 05/11/2020

This Scoreboard will be update regularly as score are submitted. We have over 102 Patrols registered, so send us your score and we will add you to the scoreboard.

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