A Jamboree is a unique experience for both youth and adults alike. It is an event remembered for a lifetime and is often considered the ultimate Scouting experience.
The Jamboree is one of the greatest examples of Scouting’s ability to encourage and promote teamwork, participation, fun, understanding and new challenges. Nothing else we do in Scouting showcases our principles and method better than a Jamboree.
It is via a Jamboree that our youth extend their knowledge of themselves through involvement in an extensive range of challenging activities. Leaders who attend a Jamboree understand that their primary responsibility is looking after the well-being of our youth members.
Experience shows that lifelong friendships develop amongst Scouts and Leaders as a result of attending Jamborees and whilst it is impossible to fully explain why it occurs, it is this that makes a Jamboree truly the ultimate Scouting event.


Jamboree Dates

AJ2022 will run from Monday 3rd January until Thursday 13th January 2022.
Members of the Victorian Contingent will depart on buses on Sunday 2nd January and move in to their Jamboree Troop sites the same day. The Contingent will depart the Jamboree site early on Friday 14th January and arrive at the ‘drop-off points’ that day, tired but happy.
Jan 2nd – Scouts travel by bus to Elmore
Jan 3rd – Opening Ceremony
Jan 4th to 8th – Activities
Sunday Jan 9th – Visitors Day
Jan 10th to 12th – Activities
Jan 13th – Half day of activities and closing ceremony

Jan 14th – Get on the bus and head home!!

The Jamboree Site

The 26th Australian Jamboree (AJ2022) will be at Elmore Field Days Site in Victoria. All of the infrastructure and services will be in place for the 10,000+ Scouts and Leaders attending to ensure that they have a successful and fun Jamboree.


Keep an eye on over the coming months for more information!

The Victorian Contingent Team (Viccon) are responsible for organising registration, transport, logistics and on-site support to the thousands of Victorian Scouts that will be attending AJ2022.

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